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Abster Equipment is a manufacturer of Process Equipments & Paint Manufacturing Machines, Paint Disperrser, Hydraulic dispersers, Hydraulic dissolver, attritor, sigma kneader, pug mixer, ribbon blender, High Speed Disperser, high speed stirrer, double cone blender, Twin shaft Mixer, ribbon blender, ball mill, Liquid Mixing machinery, Read More

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  • Why Choose Us We are 25 years Old Company
  • Features We manufacture machinery and equipment in wide range

We are offering a range that is successfully serving the requirements of multinational companies as well as medium and small scale Indian industries. We Abster Equipment, are one of the reputed Company in manufacturing and exporting of high quality resin Plants, paint manufacturing Machinery and chemical machinery. We have vast experiace of 25 years in the filed of the paint, chemical and Pharma Industry. Ttoday we are successfully meeting the machinery requirements of multinational companies as well as medium and small scale Indian industries. With the aim to offer maximum customer satisfaction, we are designing and manufacturing a wide range of industrial machinery and processing accessories that are in sync with the international standards. Our range includes chemical vessels, Resi Plants, Paint Disperser, Condenser, Ribbon Blender, pilot Resin Plant, ball mill, high speed mixture, Storage tank, and jacketed Reaction vessel.

Abster Equipment is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of machinery and plant accessories that find application in resin, chemical and paint industries. Designed and manufactured as per their application requirements, our machinery and accessories are successfully catering to the needs of multinational companies as well as medium and small scale Indian industries. The range that we are offering to our clients includes: Chemical Vessels, Drum flaker, High Speed Mixture, Ball Mill, High Speed Mixer, Hydraulic High Speed Mixer, High Speed Stirrer, Chain pulley High Speed mixer, Fully Automatic High Speed Mixer, Ribbon Blender / Small Ribbon Blander, Bead Mill, Lab Bead Mill / 15ltr. Bead Mill, Twin Bead Mill, Attritor, Twin Shaft Stirrer, Resin Vessel / Reactor, Jacketed Vessel, blending vessels, Small Jacketed Vessel, Limped Vessel, Condenser, Storage Tank, Mixing Tank, Chemical Storage Tank, Resin Storage, Vertical Tank, Pilot Plant.

  • Chemical Vessels,
  • High Speed Mixture
  • Storage Tank
  • Ball Mill
  • High Speed Mixer
  • High Speed Mixer
  • High Speed Stirrer
  • Disperser
  • Ribbon Blender
  • Bead Mill
  • Lab Bead Mill
  • Twin Bead Mill
  • Attritor
  • Twin Shaft Stirrer
  • Vessel / Reactor
  • Jacketed Vessel
  • blending vessels
  • Small Jacketed Vessel
  • Sigma Mixer

Process Equipments

We are also manufacuring oher process equipment related to paint and resin maufacturing like Dispereser, High Speed Stirrer, Mixer, Agitator, Pug Mill, sigma Mixer, Alkyd resin Plant, Polyester Resin Plant, Chemical Maufacturing machine, Pharmaceutical machine.