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Dry Powder Mixing Machine,Vertical Mixer - Buy Dry Powder Mixing Machine,Dry Powder Mixer,Vertical Mixer

Helical circular mixture, fast and equal strring.

Suitable for all kind of plastic raw material & color, Dry powder.

Fully stainless steel contacting parts,rust free & easy to clean.

Installed with power control device to ensure safety.

Working principle:

The vertical stirrers are able to perform even mixture for large volume of material in short mixing time by utilizing the paddles rotation to gatherthe material from the bottom of dump center to the top,shed the material flow back to the bottom and complete the mixing function in a short period of time.

Range of Products
Sigma Kneaders
* Attritors
* Hydraulic Dissolver
* Batch type Sigma Mixer Machines
* Continuous type Sigma Mixer Machines 
* Bead Mills
* Ribbon Blender 
* Pug Mixers
* Planetary Mixers 
* Conical Blenders 
* Resin Plants
* Tumkey Projects
* Varnishes & Paints
* Polyurethanes
* Colourants
* Inks
* Foods
* Resins, Glues, Adhesives
* Pharmaceutical Products
* Chemicals
* Lacquers
* Cosmetics
Twin Shaft Disperser
High Speed Stirer
Double Cone Blender
Sigma Kneader
Pug Mixer
Sigma Mixer Machine
Ribbon Blender
Ball Mill
Solvent Based Resin Plant
PVA Emulsion Plant
Polyester Resin Plant
Alkyd Resin Plant
Formaldehyde Resin Plant
Reaction Vessel
Vertical Powder Mixer

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